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Mallory Yaldo graduated magna cum laude from Wayne State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Minor in Philosophy. Mallory continued her journey at Wayne State University Law School, where she not only earned her degree but also actively contributed to the legal community.

During her time at Wayne Law, Mallory demonstrated her commitment to making a positive impact as a student attorney in the Legal Advocacy for People with Cancer Clinic. In this role, she provided invaluable assistance to clients in drafting their estate plans, showcasing her dedication to helping others navigate complex legal matters.

Mallory is a proud member of Dallo Estate Planning, PLLC, where she serves as an Estate Planning Attorney. Her genuine passion for helping people is the driving force behind her legal career. Mallory finds fulfillment in the field of estate planning, a realm that allows her to make a meaningful difference in the lives of her clients. In addition to her legal practice, Mallory is also a licensed real estate agent and a Notary Public, expanding her ability to serve and assist the community in various capacities.

Education and Licenses

  • Esq, Wayne State University Law School
  • B.A. in Psychology and a Minor in Philosophy, Magna Cum Laude, Wayne State University
  • Admitted to the Michigan State Bar

Outside of her professional pursuits, Mallory enjoys spending quality time with her husband, Mikaelin, and her Yorkshire Terrier, named Toby. Her husband is a Pharmacist who assists Medicare patients with their medications, emphasizing their joint commitment to helping people.

Mallory Yaldo is also a member of Wealthcounsel, an organization focused on providing estate attorneys with the best tools, research, and continuing legal education to create high-quality estate plans for clients and advocate on their behalf. Attorneys who work with Wealthcounsel strive to give their clients the best service possible.

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