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Elder Care Law

Elder law is about helping families face the challenges that arise as they get older. Continuing to live independently, cognitive decline, financial exploitation, and long-term nursing care can all be issues that families face as they age. At Dallo Estate Planning, we can help families prepare for these issues with estate planning and ensure that they qualify for the benefits they need. Of course, when needed, we’re here to advocate on behalf of seniors facing financial exploitation, abuse, or neglect.

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Veteran's Benefits

Elderly veterans may be eligible for a wide array of benefits available to all U.S. veterans. Veterans benefits include disability compensation, pensions, education and training, health care, home loans, insurance, vocational rehabilitation, and burial. If you are a veteran and think you may be eligible for benefits, we can help.

Elder Advocacy

Our seniors are often our most vulnerable citizens and a common target of unscrupulous people. Financial exploitation is a common problem with seniors, but they can also face abuse or neglect in nursing homes or at home. At Dallo Estate Planning, we advocate for our elderly clients, pursuing both civil and criminal remedies on their behalf.

Elder Transition Planning

As clients age, Dallo Estate Planning can also help them adjust their estate plans to account for life changes. Whether it’s planning to pay for long-term care or ensuring a client’s legacy, we can help.

At Dallo Estate Planning, we understand that our clients’ needs change as they age. We’re prepared, with creative solutions and legal know-how, to help ease the transition.

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